Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum entry age?

Maximum entry age for the principal member is 70 years.

What is the waiting period?

The policy has a waiting period of six (6) calendar months. Cover is immediate if death is as a result of road traffic accident.

How do I report a claim?

Email, WhatsApp Number: +263(0)785668748, Telephone +263(0)242796694-7 .

Can we hire an extra vehicle and apartment from you?

It is possible to hire.

What documents are required for repatriation?

The following documents are required for repatriation

  1. Repatriation Clearance Certificate
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Embalming Certificate
  4. Infectious/non-infectious Certificate
  5. Coroner Certificate
  6. Permit to repatriate
  7. A post-mortem report is a statutory requirement in cases of sudden death
  8. A non-hazardous/inflammable goods declaration affidavit by the exporting undertaker
  9. Passport of the deceased